Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blast 6:: As of LATE

As in "what the heck am I thinking, its 2 am!". As in, "Oh sorry, yes these are maybe a smidge late but finally done"....(thanks for your patience Leslie!...although I am still not super crazy about these wings).... Well, the last of the strep cure is due in an hour so let me grab a couple of toothpicks for my eyelids and write while the house is so very quiet.

This little guy was meant to go out in June as a prize ...yes...June. And yes, I do fully realize that it is now almost August. Almost, I do have a few more days....Seeee, it was just those wings...see them there? They were and still are driving me crazy. I 've had complete creator's block with those stinky little things. Wrapping the felt? Naw, that would cover their stripey bellies and that just wouldn't do. I even thought of making a wee costume of sorts with felt...a little pullover deal with just the tiniest neck hole for the head and slip some wings on go either. Oh well, maybe I will give it another whirl, another day, another time ....(another life?) me little felt bee wings....I will not be defeated! I will persevere in the face of felt. I will...I will...Oh, I am so very, very tired....sweet sleep - take me now.

the wood bees and hive were painted using Stockmar watercolor, dried, then rubbed in beeswax (how fitting!). All with the aid of my little helper as you can see (this was a few months ago...)

oh, hi again!  ummmm, ~ taking full advantage of the sun's rays, I will be posting in the a.m. from now on...which makes these posts rather than the day of..the day after ;) which bumps my done date to...July 22nd 2012 (gosh, that sounds so far away doesn't it?)

and pppsss? i also managed to make these little doohickeys here from dowels, knobs, some glue and ribbon tucked between the dowel and knob....she loves them!


momto5 said...

i love those little bees.

Woodspritemama said...

thanks heather!