Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blast 5:: Tag Blankets - otherwise known as shark toys

Lest one think that life is all about napping babies, lazy berry picking, movie watching and crafting goodnesss...I give you cleaning. An entire day of it in fact...because all of that creating sure can get messy (those little paper snippets manage to migrate all over the house if left unchecked). And, while the cat's away (or busy crafting) the little mice will play...and play...and play some more (and the dog will shed, and kiddos need to be fed, and dishes washed and.....you get the picture).

I also told myself when I started this challenge that I wouldn't.let it take over our home (as in hiding from the windows when friends arrive unexpected because the house is a disaster or realizing that it's 3 o'clock and no one has had lunch).There had to be a balance. Like...sweet little tag blankets for unassuming little baby sharks. That kind of balance.

Speaking of, someone is turning 5 this week...five months that is. Now, where that (almost) first half year has gone I can't say but, I can safely say this seems to have been the fastest babyhood we have seen. Too fast.

In celebration of this 5 month anniversary I thought the time had come to finish the tag blanket that I had started a few weeks ago. Well tag blankets, but I figured she only needed one so that was my goal for the night 

With all three of my machines (2 vintage Kenmores and one newer Viking - the Kenmores are actually my faves...good little work horses those gals are, well, when they're working) all in various states of disrepair (missing bobbin, belt issues and tension trouble), hand sewing is where its at these days. So, it was another night of movie watching  (Whip It) - this time with a little (actually a whole lot...) of stitch accompaniment. And can I say, that movie almost made me want to move to Austin and get my derby on. Almost....

My roller derby dreams aside, I was reminded of how much I love hand sewing - a lot. I started in high school and it was years 'til I switched over to machine sewing for anything. Quilts were my thing back then and they were hand stitched. My, my....someone had some time on her hands back then, huh? Still, I do truly love it. It works like meditation for me...here is a little peek of my latest mantra...

A simple 9 patch square made from 4x4 squares of Kokka linen fabrics with a cotton Kokka backing. Tags are of cotton ric-rac, some vintage, some not. I bet she will love attacking and chewing on those little bits...Happy 5 months sweet baby....

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