Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blast 2 :: Late Night With The Gnomes

Day 2 and I already had missed a post? Hmm, not exactly off to a bright start but I did work on something. A bunch of somethings in fact. A little backstory....
Yesterday was our last day of our almost 2 week visit with 'the cousins' so we were busy busy staying cool and having fun.

Around 9:30, when we got home, everyone was sound asleep so all I had left to do was transport everyone into beds and then get stitching.

Until the universe had other plans.

Now, I managed to get all of the bigger kids off to was the smaller ones that had party plans with mama. Up til midnight kind of party plans which made posting a little tricky (I have decided to largely post at night... well, other than this exception - being Saturday, I have backup - as my brood are early risers and going from the get go...)

I ended up sitting on the floor next to the bed those littles and I share and popping caps onto some gnomes I had been working on - some for years, and chatting away...I think it went something like this...."It's really late guys...time for sleep...okay sleepyheads...time to go to (yaawwnnn) sleep". She said as she stayed up gluing. I tell you, kids can spot the inconsistencies in a flash..

I mentioned years because for some it was truly that long...see, I make these little guys and their hats and then somehow...the hats never make it onto their heads so I thought this was my this was my chance. I gathered up all the little hatless folk and started gluing. It was perfect really, I needed a quick blast and these guys needed some headgear.

Maybe its my Gemini nature but I always have about 20 projects going on at once and about 2 actually see completion so I am really looking forward to seeing some projects finished. Oh, and today will be a twofer since I will be working on , hmmmm, something today as well - post coming tonight on that one (and a drawing winner if you leave a comment... ;)

And by the way - this is what I found a little after waking today. Little fingers finding new little friends.

Can you spot the gnomes in the flowers?


Tara said...

Oh my.... what a treasure to see those adorable gnomes tucked in the flowers, napping I suspect :)

They are just so sweet. Your helpers did a fine job completing the gnome family!

Woodspritemama said...

They are always eager to help - that's for sure! ;)