Friday, July 29, 2011

Blast 8:: Sunshine girl

Swim lessons, morning camps, driving a teen around, a teen driving us around, picking up kids from camp, holding our own camp, friends, more friends... did I say friends? Goodness, life is beautifully rich.

Here is a little of what came before my crafting today....

and when it was all said and done and all were tucked in tight., here is what came after; turning this...

into this ~

...for my birthday girl. This girl who loves orange and yellow - little bursts of summer -  and a splash of  blue for the summer sky and lake & ocean she loves so much.

The beads came from here- love, love them and all the good work they do.

So fun to pick up a craft that I hadn't given a whirl since my oldest was in the womb. Amazed at how it seemed like it was just yesterday that I had last beaded some string. So very glad that this destashing while crafting is bringing me back pieces of myself I hadn't connected with in ages.

Hopefully, creating something is finding its way into your days too!

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