Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blast 3:: Envelopes

Because it's birthday season and having thank you notes handy means they'll get sent, right?

This was actually a quick fix, fun little project! The super simple and quick tute for envies from precut paper can be found  here. I finished 20 envelopes in four listens of this song (thanks Helen!) while the guys were swimming, the baby slept and the dishes soaked in the sink. Also super nice was the chance to use some of the stash from a scrapbooking bag full of goodies I won from a silent auction this past spring. The envies are made from 8x8 sheets of scrapbooking paper with a dab of  this cool and very easy to use glue that was also in the bag. The finished envelopes ended up being roughly 4 x 3/12 inches.

Aside from the fact that I tend to be a "good enough" kind of girl and I think crafts like this and my ...'oh my, I can't even imagine origami' temperament...might require a bit more preciseness than I usually muster on a given day this was a pretty satisfying little excursion. A bit of my ummm, learning curve can be seen if you closely at the picture...

I guess tomorrow looks like a day of miniature thank you notes ;)

Oh, and our winner of a little owl? Hmmm, let me mix up all these names here...and.....Oh! It looks like Helen!  Now wasn't THAT easy peasy? ;) Let me know which one you like sweet lady!

Next Saturday night I will draw another winner for something crafted during the week, just say a quick hello in the comments section and I will randomly draw a name - good luck!


Tara said...

Okay.... wrestling with Blogger and my wonky computer to see if my bazillionith comment will show up....

Hi! Love this new space and the crafts you are sharing!
Happy crafting :)


Woodspritemama said...

Thanks Tara! Glad you found me here :) Play along sometime? :)