Monday, September 26, 2011

Blast 64 :: Something more (and a winner!)

Soooo many bookmarks...the girls helped with some too. I love seeing their take on something I'm working on. At first, I often try to guide them into "the way" to do it, but they always remind me that they have their own way.
And its pretty awesome.
These are made from more of those beads from A Greater Gift. Handcrafted in India. Love it.
Today, I popped together some more buttons to send off for other folks to make some loveliness with (please, send me updates! :).
The 'so many bookmarks' tale? They are for something special I have in the works. News on that coming soon...
Today's news?
A winner!
Our middle G drew this one from THE BOWL....and she is....
Hallie (again!) Ha! Too Funny lady! Sew up that pillow and send me some pics, please ! ;)
Goodness, I love it.
Can you guess what this week's drawing will be? Hmmm.....I wonder?


Mae said...

Those AWESOME felt circles are now on MY desk!!! Love them!!! Thank you so much! They'll be perfect for the crowns (I'll try and remember to take pics!)

momto5 said...

ok you are waaaay behind. where is the new awesomeness??

G-mama said...

Love the bookmarks.
And Darnit, I want to win something!