Monday, September 26, 2011

Blast 64 :: Something more (and a winner!)

Soooo many bookmarks...the girls helped with some too. I love seeing their take on something I'm working on. At first, I often try to guide them into "the way" to do it, but they always remind me that they have their own way.
And its pretty awesome.
These are made from more of those beads from A Greater Gift. Handcrafted in India. Love it.
Today, I popped together some more buttons to send off for other folks to make some loveliness with (please, send me updates! :).
The 'so many bookmarks' tale? They are for something special I have in the works. News on that coming soon...
Today's news?
A winner!
Our middle G drew this one from THE BOWL....and she is....
Hallie (again!) Ha! Too Funny lady! Sew up that pillow and send me some pics, please ! ;)
Goodness, I love it.
Can you guess what this week's drawing will be? Hmmm.....I wonder?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blast 63 :: Topping it off....(and a gievaway!)

Or...something like that.
Not quite sure where these quilted pieces are going but, I had a jellyroll of Moda's vintage inspired "Punctuation" that I was itching to use so whipped these up.
I'm pretty sure the oranges are going to be sprucing up my kitchen as a cover for the counter where we serve food when guests are over.
The black set will likely be a purse...the red, white and blue? I am thinking bedding for the girl's doll bed (?) and lastly this school themed one? For you!

Kindly leave a comment here and I will draw a winner and announce her (a she, likely ;) in Monday's post!
Good Luck!

PS. The 365 is currently not running on high speed ;) Still chugging along but it's likely posts will be WIPs and possibly not daily. Still here ~ just here as well ;)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blast 62 :: Wall Hanging Redo

A fourth time....this is a keeper though (thanks to Cindy for the inspiration! - you're getting some buttons, girl, just for the help! :)

It's an 8x10 (agreed upon size) so not too imposing on any wall (hopefully! ;).
With a wool felt front and back this hangs much more nicely than the crocheted piece. I think I should have felted the crocheted wool prior to sewing on the embellishments. Oh well, live and learn! Now, what to do with that...?
Most importantly, I'm happy with this and feel it is a nice piece to gift to someone rather than just something to just get done which is what I was having a hard time with before.
Thanks again to Cindy for sending along that photo! It was perfect :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blast 61 :: Skipped a beat


Late nights with a little teething somebody and busy days with a rockin' preschooler - (not to mention their sibs!) makes for one tired mama these days.


I crashed. Head to the pillow and gone kind of crashed.No crafting for me that day...

Same with last night. So while I did craft up some pants for Little Miss...I about passed out before posting my ...well nothing post for Monday.

Truth be told, it was something though...some serious goodness of other kinds.

Little Miss and I had a crazy good time making oodles of goodies (passing on the pics of the chocolate chip cookies - mama can't have a camera in her hand every second now, she might look kind of weird) and generally having a focused, nicely flowing day.

Skipped a beat in the 365 but making my mama's heart totally skip a beat or two.

It was a good day.

And Tues?

Well, yes in fact. There was crafting.

Sorely in need of pants for Little Miss, I poked around for some fabric that would make durable and comfy pants (sometimes tough to come by both criteria in the same pants) and found an Ecosport skirt a lovely lady had sent along my way. The backside had a tear which could have been repaired but, I thought they'd enjoy a new lease on life covering the booty and leggies of Little Miss and her sidekick, Little Miss Jr.

Not to mention that I had a minute to snap some shots of these gorgeous garden flowers gifted to me by a sweet friend...

Sometimes I wonder...just how blessed can a girl get? Feeling pretty darn lucky these days.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Blast 60 :: More buttons...(and a winner!)

Guess what I did for crafting yesterday? I had a little help too. Goodness, is she fun to do this with to boot...

I cut the circles and she created the little buttons (as we call them....). Then once we had enough circles...(do you think a gallon sized baggie is enough? Big things in mind for these, I tell you) I joined her.

That is, until we could no longer keep little Godzilla at bay (and the circles from her mouth ;).

Good fun all around.

Speaking of fun...our winner!

Well, Hello to you Miss Mae!
Blogger"LOVE!! These would be perfect for some crowns I want to make for x-mas"  
Congratulations to you! Drop me a line at with your address and I will send these along their happy little way! Enjoy that crown making - fantastic idea!

Good luck next week!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blast 59 :: Thank you ~

Little 'Thank You' magnet sets to some lovely ladies for sharing their time and love to welcome our littlest one into the fold. Thank you so, so very much. You guys are beautiful and the best.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blast 58 :: Round In Circles

Say hello to yesterday's crafting fun and today's drawing!  Two birds with one seed kind of post today....

I squeezed in some time to make a quartet of these little wool felt circles...not quite sure what they will become but, I think I see a plan forming...loosely. The possibilities may very well be endless with these and honestly, I have to admit, they are a bit addictive. I spent a good portion of this evening ignoring my sink of dishes to make even more of these little blastoids. Love seeing my bag of wool felt scraps dwindling down too...
And in honor of all our creative inspirations ~ this week's drawing!
How about 10 of these little do-dads? I would love, love to see what folks do with them too. So fun.
If you're itching to get your circular mojo on, please feel free to leave a comment and we (well, one of my littles) will draw a winner to announce in Monday's post.
Good Luck and Happy Crafting!