Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blast 9 :: More (night) owls...and some mermaids

Maybe it was the string of late nights....maybe the creative juices just weren't flowing but, there I was... nursing the wee one to sleep and the next thing I knew - it was 12:30 am. And not a single craft to be had for the day either. I strictly adhere to the "better late than never" philosophy (how else might I get anything done?) I started in on a quickie craft.

I had wanted to try out these embroidery hoop wall hangings for some time but, well never made the time (not to mention that there was a serious lack of wall space in our old home). So, with this new house and its many bare walls...I had my chance. And grabbed it at nearly 1am.

Love, love this cutesie owl fabric and these colors are actually many of the same ones here in this retro early 80's kitchen of mine. Thing is, ironically, the kitchen is the one room lacking in wall space so, I looked around and found the nearest spot where I could still enjoy them and found - the laundry room (well, alcove really). Not to mention every time I go out into my studio...a little hit of inspiration every time.

(note: notice i am sparing any viewers the overflowing mound of laundry spilling from my hamper...)

My crafty blast for the day and it only took half an hour.

Well, half an hour of moving the hoop around the fabric to find just the right owls and configuration. Finally, I began to cut. Only, well, it was nearing 1 am and I cut the fabric too close to the hoop so I didn't have enough fabric leverage to pull the cotton tight. Time for a redo. There now, an extra 2 inches around the hoop and it was perfect. I thought of gluing some ribbon around the edge of the hoop but went for the natural look instead. Those owls are pretty darn cute on their own.

Btw, if you were interested in entering this week's drawing (once a week, every week!) for that mermaid/heart would be the time to leave your comment! I'll throw the names in a bowl, have my little one pull one out and  post the winner on Monday - good luck to you!


momto5 said...

oh i like this one. i like the idea of adding ribbon also.

momto5 said...

oh and the fabrics are AMAZING! they have one with mushrooms. i must get it. lol

Marisa said...

What a great challenge you are putting yourself upto.... I have a plethora of girls (ok, 3)who would look lovely in a crown. :)

Sarra Elisabeth said...

I have a princess here who would <3 that crown.

Brynn said...

Im having a great time reading your blog and getting inspired. I actually have a little boy here who loves pink and would love that crown! Ok now off to finish some projects. :)

Dasa said...

i love the owl fabric and the princess crown is beautiful. i have a little princess who would love it! :-)

have a nice weekend. :-)

Leah said...

Truly and magically delightful! : ) Thanks so very much for this truly wonderful giveaway! : )

Woodspritemama said...

Thanks so much for the support and for playing along! xoxo