Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blast 41:: Seriously?

Why, yes that would seriously be...another owl.

There are 3 more of them too sitting in the sewing basket waiting for completion...

Now, before you think I am completely obsessed or should attend a support group of sorts...hear my story.

It was pretty late (surprise, surprise, I know)...and see, my studio is located off of our barn. Which means, I need to walk through the barn to access it. And here's something else, a bat lives in that barn. Now, I totally understand how well and good bats are (they really are awesome) and I loved hanging out in the backyard of the old house with the kids and watching them. But when they fly inches past my face like this one did a couple of weeks ago as I was exiting the studio?

That's a bit closer than I care for, frankly.

I believe I even screamed, "No, NO!" while flailing my arms about (of course, all the while being careful not to drop my precious crafting cargo) as if this would somehow deter the bat from getting any closer.

Another thing that creeps me husband was telling me about how they like to "travel" along the, I just don't want to look up, or around or in any way witness a bat scuttling along the walls of that barn. So, until my completely irrational ...discomfort with the whole bat thing subsides...I may be crafting from that basket if I don't get my booty out to that studio before dark.

Just sayin'.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blast 40 :: There be monsters...

Someone, now... I'm not saying who, but someone needed a little curtain between themselves and the dark night.

Don't we all sometimes? I know I do...

This was a quicky, late night blast. Nothing too pretty. Nothing too snazzy. However, something very practical and - bonus - something on the crafting to-do list. Cha- Ching! See, part of my goal here is to also try to find some ways to get around consuming more stuff. I'll try to stretch myself a bit here and make what I can and even try to make what I think I can't. It'll all be good in the end, no doubt.

Forgive my less than eye pleasing pics of the curtain. No eye candy to be found in this blast for sure. I suppose that's what happens when trying to photograph a curtain at almost 11 pm ;) No worries case you're just dying to see pics of my windows with new handmade curtains adorning them...I have about 20 more on the to-do list.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Blast 39 :: The Flower Fairy (sort of ?!)

Well, here she is! The.. .flower fairy (?)...

Little Miss Irene blew out our electricity for a long stretch so this bit of craftiness was done by lamp light (headlamp light!). She is just as simple as can be too! Some wool yarn wraps her body,  some wool yarn for hair, a little yarn bow across her middle and that stunning headress ;) She looks a bit like a snake charmer to me (hmm, maybe that will be next on the craft list! ;)...or maybe just an old cottage dweller. I can't quite decide.

Before this little charmer came along we had some fun with Irene...(and feeling so lucky to be able to enjoy her and not fear her too much...)

and of course...our Giveaway!

The Magic Mixing Bowl (as we lovingly refer to it here ;) has popped out the name of...(with the help of some little fingers of course!)...

That's one really cute repurposing :) Thanks for the chance to win a crown - it's really pretty as well :)
By the Way, Irene reached us two hours ago and I hope it will go away without any major damages... 

How fun! Thanks for playing along Sandra! Shoot me a little message at with your address and I will send those crowns along....enjoy!

thanks to everyone for playing along! hope you'll join the fun next Saturday as well! xoxo

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blast 38 :: Heart Swap

 (trying to photograph a mobile in Irene...little windy?)

Ah...there, that's a bit better...(front)

(and the back...)

More late night felt goodness from the sewing basket (it seems to be a bottomless pit, doesn't it?!).

I joined Natural Suburbia's heart swap a while back and finally created a little something for my swap partner. It took so long because I was just so ridiculously nervous about making something nice and maybe even a little special. I finally realized that the point was to connect with someone far and wide and that in itself was a pretty special thing.

Linda paired me up with someone from my own state and geographically not too far from me too! How fun is that? Thanks to Linda for this beautiful idea! I'm thinking about organizing a local craft swap in around here ~ maybe you might be inspired to do the same and how fun would that be?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blast 37 :: Hoot! (and a giveaway!)

Another late night creation from tidbits of the ever present sewing basket. This little guy is twice recycled. There never is an end to some good repurposing, I tell you. Originally, this was a lovely yet small cashmere sweater that had shrunken in someone else's hands. I came upon it and decided it would make the most comfy pair of longies..once these were outgrown they went back into the pile awaiting a new fate. One of which is this little owl. Yes, another owl...;) My creativity will surely expand here soon, really.

And now... the giveaway! How about 2 of those flower fairy crowns from the other day? Why yes, I think they will do nicely. Just leave a little note here in the comments section ~ the winner will be announced in Monday's post :) Good Luck!

On another about that Irene, huh? Goodness...thinking about folks near and wide and saying a little prayer for their safety and comfort....

Friday, August 26, 2011

Blast 36 :: Another shark toy ~

of the wool felt kind....

One of the biggest things I am finding with this 365 crafting challenge is just how tricky it can be to find moments to craft in. For anyone who seems amazed that I am able to craft something daily - I tell you, I wouldn't be doing it if  I hadn't made a commitment to it! While I am totally loving it (I haven't hit that wall of 'what to make' or the joy being sucked of out the creating process because I had to make something - thank goodness!), I will say that I am completely floored by just how busy life can be and how one must literally carve out time each day to do something they love (or, at least I do, lol!). Whether its waking at 10:30pm and stitching together a new infant toy or working on something piecemeal throughout the day; I grab the moments when I can. Balancing house work, 6 kiddos and their oh so varied needs and challenges and then retaining something for myself that is aside from these commitments is a learning process and shifts daily indeed. As I was telling my husband...this challenge is really about so much more than just crafting....

So while the littlest one did not need a new toy,  I was looking around through a haze of sleepiness and found my sewing basket with just the right supplies. And a new toy was born. She is completely hand sewn (I don't like to run the machine at night...) and made from felted wool interlock, cotton 'skin' and cleaned and carded sheep's wool. Good stuff all around.

Tell me, how do YOU find time for what you love? I would love to hear your stories....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blast 35 :: That Fall Feeling's in the air, don't you think? The nights are comfortably chill. Less folks are hanging beachside. The water in the lake feels chillier with those cool nights these days. Without a doubt...the seasons are shifting...

Enter Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies from Michael Miller.This line is truly sweet. One of the best aspects is that there are soooo many prints! A little bit of something for every season. Cutest stuff.

Another fun thing about this fabric? Give you a hint (this week's giveaway ;).

Gotta run! So much little time...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blast 34 :: Oh Martha...

How you do make things seem so simple...

One fantastic day at Fort Popham...

...and later Popham Beach (where I left my camera in the car til we left in the evening)...

...led to one long drive home and not a stitch of thread or a dot of glue to show for the day. I needed a quick fix. Something that could be done in just a minute. Luckily, I had stopped at the library before our outing and picked up some great of them being this little (well, huge actually) gem. And in there? Ric- Rac flowers. The cutest little things and lauded as a quick craft. So quick you'll want to make dozens. Well, friends, 2 hours later I was still trying to craft just one little flower out of ric-rac. Now, maybe its me...Martha does have some gorgeous photos that make you want to get started lickity split...but, details on the how-tos? Eh...maybe a little wanting. But, like I said, this could just be me...I think I need to see it done more than read it done (a visual learner by far...).

I admit, I do tend to require a good thorough reading of the task at hand. And not just once either, but at least a few times. Then some trial and error. Usually, by the end of it all, I have happened upon my own way of creating something that I am sure wasn't how the author intended at all but, nonetheless, sure does work for me.
While I never did figure out how to do Martha's flowers the way they looked in the book, I did find this ...

 to be helpful and also had a little fun with this...

Wouldn't it make a super cute cap for a flower fairy?

So I will try...and try again and gosh darn it - try some more and in the meantime, have some fun with what comes out of all of that trying.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blast 33 :: Late night with the gnomes...(part 3)

Goodness, it seems this may turn into a gnome version of the pursathon yes?
Yesterday was a long one in oh so many ways ;)
I ended up crashing with the littlest ones and woke at 3 am (so maybe this guy is a little bit of a cheat?) with the littlest of all who decided the middle of the night was a perfectly good time to fill not only one...but 2 of her sweet little diapers. Soooo, while we were.... hanging out, I finished up this little guy.  Overall, I guess I have the baby's bowels to thank for not missing a crafting day (well, sort of ;).
Some days you just have to laugh....or craft!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Blast 32:: Late night with the gnomes (part 2) and a winner!

Another late night hanging out with the gnomes. This time, rather than of the wood variety, these guys are wool felt stuffed with some carded sheep's wool. The original idea is from The Nature Corner...or maybe it was of those 2. These days I just free hand cut them out. Its fun to see their own personalities shaped through the individual sizes and little nuances.

So I cut, and stitched, and stuffed while my 17 year old (really, every new year flies by faster and faster...) advised me on music like this and tried to teach me a little about tone and other musical fun stuff. I think I may never understand where he gets that musical touch of glad he he did though!

These guys are off to a little family tomorrow....and that heart banner/.birthday chair decoration/valentines day bit of felt love is heading off to....

Mama Ruck!!
"I love the reminder that a request for toast is just toast. I so often have to remember that I am the one needing the variety. Thank you for your sweet giveaway."

Thank YOU Mama Ruck for playing along! So glad this will be enjoyed by a family :) Message me at with your address and this will be along its happy way :) Thanks to everyone else too for joining in on the fun! Can't wait to see what pops up this week for the drawing on Saturday..Good Luck!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blast 31 :: Coasting

I wish!
So busy, busy!
Moving and clearing and cleaning out the old digs (yes, still) with kiddos, a toddler and baby in tow? Need. I. Say. More.
So, the coasters? They're all I got. That's it. Like 'em?

Not so much, frankly.
I had a little duo coloring going on...the bobbin thread is a different color from the needle thread. Cute for other things but not so much for coasters. The color stands out a bit too drastically from the fabric....Another aspect that might be endearing for a quilt yet distracting for something as small as a coaster.
I think they may become the beginning of a quilt-as-you-go quilt. I do, however, like the sound of that ;) For now, they will be coasters, tucked away in case someone takes a liking to them. You maybe? Anyone? ;)
Okey doke, I am done with my coaster rant ;) Off to make a little love for a fall swap :) See ya tomorrow!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blast 30 :: Newly Three (and a giveaway!)

a day filled with simple requests..."baby, what would you like for your birthday breakfast?"
her reply..."toast"...
"where would you like to go?"
her reply..."the playground"....
so sweet.

Her special gift made late at night, into the early morning hours of her birthday (so I guess this qualifies as Friday crafting? ;)
I used Kinder Dolls...the directions are clear and she has a variety of doll styles and sizes....

Some sister love :: helping to make the Birthday Breakfast...

Funny actually as her toast request was literally a request for toast - plain and simple toast ~ she wasn't a big fan of the cinnamon bread but loved picking the sugar out of her slice! Another reminder to keep it simple....especially for the little ones....

Loving the playground (although it was hot!)

The "newly three" helping to make her birthday cake (a double chocolate request, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting)...
Having fun with the fishes...

One more round (and the last til next year!) of birthday love to come in September ~ this time of the boy variety! Until will be some swap crafting and around the home goodness...

And of course ~ our drawing for the week!

Remember this ? It can be yours! Just leave a comment and we will draw the winner in Monday's post :) Good Luck!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Blast 29 :: Last day of two

a little beach, a little crafting for others of the kiddy tablecloth and napkin variety (finished that up now that the machine is home from the shop, yes it broke again....well, i should say, it needed to be cleaned...ahem...3 years between cleanings seems to be too long?). Finally, an apron to go and then an apron to stay, just because she liked it so much....a little pause in the birthday crafting love....