Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blast 62 :: Wall Hanging Redo

A fourth time....this is a keeper though (thanks to Cindy for the inspiration! - you're getting some buttons, girl, just for the help! :)

It's an 8x10 (agreed upon size) so not too imposing on any wall (hopefully! ;).
With a wool felt front and back this hangs much more nicely than the crocheted piece. I think I should have felted the crocheted wool prior to sewing on the embellishments. Oh well, live and learn! Now, what to do with that...?
Most importantly, I'm happy with this and feel it is a nice piece to gift to someone rather than just something to just get done which is what I was having a hard time with before.
Thanks again to Cindy for sending along that photo! It was perfect :)


CrookedMoonMama said...

Turned out super sweet. :)

Kelly said...

Thanks a bunch Laura :) I have some goodness for you all packed up and ready to go out Monday! :) xo