Monday, September 12, 2011

Blast 53 :: Cheaterpants (and a giveaway!)

Okay so, technically, this blast was not completed until today (tonight to be exact) but, it was mostly done last night...Still counts, right?

Funny little there I was, with the idea to dress up this little box that we keep these 'goodnight' cards in. Sweet little things with a lovely picture on one side and a bedtime related poem or quote on the other. This was part of our bedtime routine a couple of years ago..
ahem, until the cards migrated to every end of the house that is.

Since the move, I've been finding them here and there. In game boxes, tucked into books and even mixed in with the playkitchen toys (did I mention they migrated?).  My answer to this exodus was a last ditch effort to keep them contained. We've had some oval boxes kicking around for a while so I thought one of those would do nicely.

In function, yes? Aesthetically speaking however? Eh, not so much.
Enter the felt.
Well, and some thick burlap/muslin/needlepoint cloth I had on hand as well as some trim.

As I was saying, there I in bed, sewing away. Almost done.  My plan was to create a cover to glue down on the existing cover to the box, just to dress it up a bit.

I didn't like it.

I had cut the burlap fanbric just big enough to cover the oval and was planning on using the trim to go around the edges - on the top. Not such a great idea. Maybe it would have been for a square, but not at all for an oval. So, my bird and moon were complete, it was 1am - it was time for bed.

Phase 2 - I cut out around the bird and moon with the burlap sewn on the back. Perfect! The backing gave it a bit of heft and I loved the rough edge look. Then someone....a little someone...decided she really liked the texture of that bird so I let her chew away. And chew some more. Until I had a very wet mass of felt there. I guess I could have just sewn it on, dripping wet, but decided to opt out of that choice.

Phase 3 - The felt bird was popped in the wash - but not the dryer. I was worried it would shrink up too much. So in the end? I still ended up sewing with a wet.little.bird. Silly, silly me.

Phase 4 - Bird sewn on? Check. Cut out piece of burlap placed over oval? Check. Bottle of E600 ready? Check.
Let the gluing begin.
I tacked down the bird image portion first, then the sides of the oval where the fabric would overhang  a bit, then finally, the trim onto the top of the fabric.
And then? I fell asleep with the babies.
Hello 1am. Goodness, I almost missed you.
Very much looking forward to using these cards tomorrow night. Or...tonight as the case seems to be.

And our drawing? Of course! I had a young someone who really, really wanted to help with this one. She seemed tapped into the universe and was super eager to pick this week's winner. Funny thing too as I found out later in a general email that its this lady's birthday this weekend....funny world!
Congrats Hallie!! That little mermaid is all yours! Happy Birthday sweet lady!

Good luck to you ladies next week!



Hallie said...

Oh how cool!!! Any earlier birthday for me! :) Thankyou so much!! :)

Kelly said...

You are so welcome!