Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blast 61 :: Skipped a beat


Late nights with a little teething somebody and busy days with a rockin' preschooler - (not to mention their sibs!) makes for one tired mama these days.


I crashed. Head to the pillow and gone kind of crashed.No crafting for me that day...

Same with last night. So while I did craft up some pants for Little Miss...I about passed out before posting my ...well nothing post for Monday.

Truth be told, it was something though...some serious goodness of other kinds.

Little Miss and I had a crazy good time making oodles of goodies (passing on the pics of the chocolate chip cookies - mama can't have a camera in her hand every second now, she might look kind of weird) and generally having a focused, nicely flowing day.

Skipped a beat in the 365 but making my mama's heart totally skip a beat or two.

It was a good day.

And Tues?

Well, yes in fact. There was crafting.

Sorely in need of pants for Little Miss, I poked around for some fabric that would make durable and comfy pants (sometimes tough to come by both criteria in the same pants) and found an Ecosport skirt a lovely lady had sent along my way. The backside had a tear which could have been repaired but, I thought they'd enjoy a new lease on life covering the booty and leggies of Little Miss and her sidekick, Little Miss Jr.

Not to mention that I had a minute to snap some shots of these gorgeous garden flowers gifted to me by a sweet friend...

Sometimes I wonder...just how blessed can a girl get? Feeling pretty darn lucky these days.


momto5 said...

hanging with the kids and making yummy goodness is always the way to go! and i so get ya on passing out. <3

Andrea said...

Ooh, that pie has me drooling. And those flowers...must plant some next year, am getting tired of the "wild" weeds.

Kelly said...

Thanks Heather :) I try to remember that kids don't keep. Some days I
m better at that than others...

Same here Andrea! We have a bunch of lawn that I am just waiting to turn into wild, untamed gardens :)