Thursday, September 8, 2011

Forty 49 :: Family Bling

We had a visit from someone special yesterday.

My sister (who is very "fancy" ) came up for a bit. It was a lovely afternoon of lunch, little ones napping and then when the bigger kids came home - some bling.

I said, "Hey, I'm going to make you a necklace",
to my sis and sure enough,
wouldn't you know,
soon it was a bling party with requests pouring in from the 9 and under crowd. (they do so appreciate their fancy aunty and like to be a bit fancy just like her).

So, we whipped up some bling for the girls and even made one for a special girl far away (we love you, boo boo kitty ;) who missed out on the action (pesky college getting in the way and all..).

Fancy this and fancy that.

note ~ by the way ~ i've had a few requests here and there so, i'm adding some things to my Etsy shop and will continue to do so occasionally. now, this was not my intent at all when i started this project but sometimes, when i have extras, i will be popping them over there. trying to make it all affordable and fun too ~ i might be able to take requests so if you've seen anything you like, feel free to drop me a line...  now back to our regular programming ;)


Helen said...

How did you make those? Beautiful.

Kelly said...

so, so easy :) i have extras on hand and will show you soon, xo