Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blast 48 :: Last minute...

...birthday gifts.

Last evening I was able to scoot out for a bit to celebrate a lovely friend's birthday. Folks who know me understand how nearly impossible it can sometimes be for me to get out the door for a night out let alone be there on time ;) Mind you, not that I don't have support here. It's just , well, you know how it can be, yes? The many little and big to-dos that need to be tended to before you can hit the door. Then making sure everyone is well settled into a groove and all. Don't want to leave them hanging high and dry, right? Well, it must have been in the stars because I actually made it out the door with 5 kids in tow and was even on time!

I even had both shoes on and appropriate clothing...amazing, the little things.

My husband met me after work and he took the kids on an icecream adventure while the littlest one and I had a super lovely visit with the ladies.

It was a bit of a surprise since I didn't know that I might be able to attend until very nearly the time of so I whipped these up from the stash. Just some simple earrings and a pendant with cording. So simple yet, made with love. Gotta love that.

Happy Birthday to you dear, Thalia! So glad it all came together :)