Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blast 47 :: Mark that

Having a bunch of these simple metal bookmarks on hand and an overflowing bag (well, a bin actually but the bag was handy) of felt, I thought I would try to pair the 2 up and see what would happen.

Thelittle heart bookmark was about the best I could do at midnight.

Maybe this ~

counts as crafting?

Crafting some organization into our lives that is.

Loving this book of lists I created. My brain has just gone on vacation (well, truth be told, it took a little respite a while ago and I haven't seemed to be able to find it since) so this binder helps keeps me on track. In there I have lists for:
~Lunches and Dinners (lunch being last night's dinner in many cases)
~My chores (broken down by day then a special spot for monthly things)
~Kids chores
~My rhythm with the littlest ones
~After school 'homeschool' with the bigger kids (umm, school did I say? yes,  but that's a whole 'nother for another day).

Love, love, loving this. Before, I had a hard time prioritizing things and also, felt the need to get it all done in one day. The list helps to get  housework done but also leave time for other things as well. So when what is on the list is done - its done. Much of the pressure to do is gone and I can enjoy the kids more without thinking I should be doing xyz....Before it was completed, I was worried that it might be intimidating seeing it all laid out there and maybe even feel a ton of pressure but, the opposite was true. I found it so liberating. Primarily though, I think it frees up my mental space in knowing what needs to be done each day. Also helps the kids in knowing what to expect each day. All good stuff.

We've had systems like this before but they always fell off the front of the fridge or took a hike as the backside of someone's impromptu drawing session. The binder (complete with page protectors no less! ;) keep's it all together and everyone can access it for easy reference.

So, that's what I was doing before the bookmark ;)


CrookedMoonMama said...

I love the bookmark, and I love the lists. :)

Kelly - said...

Thanks Laura! It really has come in so handy!

momto5 said...

i love this book of lists idea. i am so all over the place most of the time. what a great idea.