Monday, September 19, 2011

Blast 60 :: More buttons...(and a winner!)

Guess what I did for crafting yesterday? I had a little help too. Goodness, is she fun to do this with to boot...

I cut the circles and she created the little buttons (as we call them....). Then once we had enough circles...(do you think a gallon sized baggie is enough? Big things in mind for these, I tell you) I joined her.

That is, until we could no longer keep little Godzilla at bay (and the circles from her mouth ;).

Good fun all around.

Speaking of fun...our winner!

Well, Hello to you Miss Mae!
Blogger"LOVE!! These would be perfect for some crowns I want to make for x-mas"  
Congratulations to you! Drop me a line at with your address and I will send these along their happy little way! Enjoy that crown making - fantastic idea!

Good luck next week!

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