Friday, August 5, 2011

Blast 15 :: More barrettes...just 'cause

3am barrettes to be exact. So quick, so easy and so cute on certain soon-to-be threes...

By the way, posting at 3am Friday morning (although you want it to be Thursday's post....) shows up as a Friday post (as I suppose it should...)
So, my new strategy? Make a backup craft earlier in the day, every day, for those just in case moments when you are busy doing this...

that you get home so late and wiped out that you literally crash out 'til 3 am.

Note: The barrettes are a 6 inch piece of ribbon folded over and over and glue gunned into place.
Time:: approx. 20 minutes (those folds were extra tricky!).


Andrea said...


You won my summer book giveaway! Shoot me an email (andreaelaniatyahoodotcom) with your address and I'll send it out!

momto5 said...

i think the water fun should come first!

Woodspritemama said...

really andrea!? how fun! thanks so much! you need to enter some drawings here ;)

and heather - no doubt! these days go by too fast!