Monday, August 1, 2011

Blast 11 :: do thingies... barrettes! (and a winner!)

And,  as you can see, (or not) my camera battery charger is still MIA ..I think we are at the point of ordering a new one. Any day now, please..please...pretty please?
Last night was another one of those nursing the wee one, getting cozy and so very (yyaawwwnnn!) sleepy. So there I was again, 1:30 am this time (I think I have a biological clock for this kind of thing) and not a craft to be done. There was a quick urge to sew (yes! I have one machine working now) but, it being such a late (or early) hour...I thought it best to wait on that impulse.

I stumbled into the studio (literally, since the doorway was/is blocked with crafty goodness) and found ....barrettes. So lovely and perfect for birthdays coming around the corner. The basic barrettes came from here  and I used my handy glue gun to adhere some of this fun and super cute Kokka linen ribbon to (also from Etsy).

Viola! 15 minutes from the stumble to completion - and back to bed.

P.S. I will try to post how long each blast takes to complete so folks can block off time for something they may be interested in :)

and PPSS?

Our Winner of course!

Who would be.... Marisa!!
What a great challenge you are putting yourself upto.... I have a plethora of girls (ok, 3)who would look lovely in a crown. :)

Thanks so much for playing along Marisa! Hope one of your girls (or all!) will enjoy this! My wee one (well, she's almost 3 and not the wee-est one...) drew your name :)

Shoot me a message at with your address and I will send this out this week :)

I hope everyone plays along again this Saturday for another drawing!

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