Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blast 38 :: Heart Swap

 (trying to photograph a mobile in Irene...little windy?)

Ah...there, that's a bit better...(front)

(and the back...)

More late night felt goodness from the sewing basket (it seems to be a bottomless pit, doesn't it?!).

I joined Natural Suburbia's heart swap a while back and finally created a little something for my swap partner. It took so long because I was just so ridiculously nervous about making something nice and maybe even a little special. I finally realized that the point was to connect with someone far and wide and that in itself was a pretty special thing.

Linda paired me up with someone from my own state and geographically not too far from me too! How fun is that? Thanks to Linda for this beautiful idea! I'm thinking about organizing a local craft swap in around here ~ maybe you might be inspired to do the same and how fun would that be?


Andrea said...

Yes! I think a local craft swap would be much fun.

I have had a hard time leaving comments if I'm not on my home computer (won't let me log into Blogger)...I wonder if other readers are having the same trouble? Could there be something funny in your comment settings?

Also, may I ask what kind of camera you have? I'm in the market and I love your close close-ups.

Kelly - said...

We should set something up then!
Thanks for checking on that...I had heard that from a couple of people on FB so I poked around a bit and changed some things...fingers crossed!
I have a Canon might be the filters I use and the settings. I don't use any editing software though. I've loved this camera :)

Andrea said...


Andrea said...

And the comments work now...yay!