Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blast 33 :: Late night with the gnomes...(part 3)

Goodness, it seems this may turn into a gnome version of the pursathon yes?
Yesterday was a long one in oh so many ways ;)
I ended up crashing with the littlest ones and woke at 3 am (so maybe this guy is a little bit of a cheat?) with the littlest of all who decided the middle of the night was a perfectly good time to fill not only one...but 2 of her sweet little diapers. Soooo, while we were.... hanging out, I finished up this little guy.  Overall, I guess I have the baby's bowels to thank for not missing a crafting day (well, sort of ;).
Some days you just have to laugh....or craft!


momto5 said...

he seems ready for a snow storm. lol

Kelly - said...

ha! bite your tongue! ;)