Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blast 41:: Seriously?

Why, yes that would seriously be...another owl.

There are 3 more of them too sitting in the sewing basket waiting for completion...

Now, before you think I am completely obsessed or should attend a support group of sorts...hear my story.

It was pretty late (surprise, surprise, I know)...and see, my studio is located off of our barn. Which means, I need to walk through the barn to access it. And here's something else, a bat lives in that barn. Now, I totally understand how well and good bats are (they really are awesome) and I loved hanging out in the backyard of the old house with the kids and watching them. But when they fly inches past my face like this one did a couple of weeks ago as I was exiting the studio?

That's a bit closer than I care for, frankly.

I believe I even screamed, "No, NO!" while flailing my arms about (of course, all the while being careful not to drop my precious crafting cargo) as if this would somehow deter the bat from getting any closer.

Another thing that creeps me husband was telling me about how they like to "travel" along the, I just don't want to look up, or around or in any way witness a bat scuttling along the walls of that barn. So, until my completely irrational ...discomfort with the whole bat thing subsides...I may be crafting from that basket if I don't get my booty out to that studio before dark.

Just sayin'.


momto5 said...

lol. i completely understand. i didn't know they creeped along the wall. that would give me the willies. and i LOVE bats. lol

i have a question... i see you are using a blanket stitch, did you do that with non-felted sweaters? will they not unravel if i use a blanket stitch on them? thanks

Kelly - said...

if its not felted much the sweater may pop out a bit in the stitches but it should hold together. i would just make the stitches small ;)

Andrea said...

The owl's fantastic. No need to make excuses; I don't think I'd want to hang out in a barn at night with bats either...some wildlife is better appreciated at a distance.