Monday, August 29, 2011

Blast 39 :: The Flower Fairy (sort of ?!)

Well, here she is! The.. .flower fairy (?)...

Little Miss Irene blew out our electricity for a long stretch so this bit of craftiness was done by lamp light (headlamp light!). She is just as simple as can be too! Some wool yarn wraps her body,  some wool yarn for hair, a little yarn bow across her middle and that stunning headress ;) She looks a bit like a snake charmer to me (hmm, maybe that will be next on the craft list! ;)...or maybe just an old cottage dweller. I can't quite decide.

Before this little charmer came along we had some fun with Irene...(and feeling so lucky to be able to enjoy her and not fear her too much...)

and of course...our Giveaway!

The Magic Mixing Bowl (as we lovingly refer to it here ;) has popped out the name of...(with the help of some little fingers of course!)...

That's one really cute repurposing :) Thanks for the chance to win a crown - it's really pretty as well :)
By the Way, Irene reached us two hours ago and I hope it will go away without any major damages... 

How fun! Thanks for playing along Sandra! Shoot me a little message at with your address and I will send those crowns along....enjoy!

thanks to everyone for playing along! hope you'll join the fun next Saturday as well! xoxo

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