Friday, August 5, 2011

BLast 14 :: A birthday, party favors and a house full of flowers

Our birthday girl's sisters - one older and one younger - helped picked these for her special day. How fitting that one her favorite colors abounds at this time of year...

We had a crafty party ~ made some lovely mobiles, some fun wands and cool suncatchers. She had decided just a couple of days before the party that, well that she even wanted a party so some quick thinking was called for. The wands came from the stash, just some dowels from Casey's Wood Products (love that bulk box!) with a hole predrilled through then coupled with some satin ribbon. Easy peasy.

And good bags? Also from the stash. I have oodles of these tiny little bags on hand so the bag part was simple. I looked around for some wee items  I could fit into those and came up with some mini embroidery kits - I was throwing them together as guest arrived even - quick and fun!

I love it when things all come together.


momto5 said...

i miss all the lovely flowers this time of year in maine. :(
and yet another craft i can do! (and yet i would never have thought of. lol)

Woodspritemama said...

you should play along heather! how fun would that be! maybe we should press some flowers and send them your way! ;)