Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blast 16 :: The best laid plans...

Sometimes, turn into slightly better ones!

Even if the road getting there is a bit bumpy.

I was piecing this together yesterday afternoon and thought I had it perfect. Some cotton sherpa in the middle, some Joel Dewberry for the backing and these pieces from a layer cake by...(I so wish I remembered!) and easy peasy, right?

Eh, not when you piece them together the wrong way and realize 3 sides sewn that your backing is now in the middle and your mint green (although super soft sherpa) is now....on the back.

I had a moment of "oh... great", and considered ripping it all apart again but, I knew I only had so much time and was quite near the end of the hourglass as things were so, I decided this new configuration was perfecty fine. Maybe a little better even. That cotton is so very very soft and the Joel Dewberry? While the colors were a perfect match for the front...there was something about it that said 'hotel room' to me... I was never really thrilled with the choice. I really believe that projects have an intention of their own and trusting in that often ends in better results than I would have imagined.

The quilt top was completed a couple of months ago - then was promptly sent to the TBDL  (to be done later) pile where it was buried under a new generation of TBDL projects until it was rediscovered when the pile...well, fell over. The colors in the quilt match this -

 piece I thrifted some time back Hmmm, I think I see a new color scheme for our living room emerging.... (Shaker Spirit Drawing by Sister Hannah Calhoon 1854).

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renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

I really like the quilt, and it does match the neat picture so well.
Neat project You have going on over here!

p.s. yes, that was a beeswax gate on the stable...