Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blast 19 :: Festivities

Crossing another item off of the "Finally!" list....

Party napkins and tabelcloths - woohoo!
We have some tablecloths that we use for festive occasions and  cloth napkins are the norm around here. Still, I wanted something that said birthday and also something that when it was taken out and used the kids would feel that special feeling ...kind of like when they see the Christmas tree, know what I mean? They can feel in their being that something special is afoot. Those traditions...love them.

This Domestic Diva print from Riley Blake Designs was just the perfect fit. Not to mention that I had some serious yardage in that gal. I had plenty to make 15 kids sized napkins (about 6x6) and two tablecloths (one for our dining/game/craft room and one for the kitchen). This being one of the few prints from the stash that had an intention from the get- go, I was so stinkin' happy to finally have made it a priority to get the job done
So, even if the dishes sit a bit longer and the laundry piles a bit higher - at least I have these to show for it ;) Ahhh, the feeling of accomplishment. So good.


Helen said...

you go girl!! You are an inspiration

Andrea said...

Mmm, that tablecloth makes me hungry for a chocolate cupcake! You're scaring me a little getting all this done--do you actually have enough stash to last a whole year if you keep going like this?

Woodspritemama said...

Helen- you are so good to me :)

Andrea, oh - you have no idea girl....!