Monday, August 22, 2011

Blast 32:: Late night with the gnomes (part 2) and a winner!

Another late night hanging out with the gnomes. This time, rather than of the wood variety, these guys are wool felt stuffed with some carded sheep's wool. The original idea is from The Nature Corner...or maybe it was of those 2. These days I just free hand cut them out. Its fun to see their own personalities shaped through the individual sizes and little nuances.

So I cut, and stitched, and stuffed while my 17 year old (really, every new year flies by faster and faster...) advised me on music like this and tried to teach me a little about tone and other musical fun stuff. I think I may never understand where he gets that musical touch of glad he he did though!

These guys are off to a little family tomorrow....and that heart banner/.birthday chair decoration/valentines day bit of felt love is heading off to....

Mama Ruck!!
"I love the reminder that a request for toast is just toast. I so often have to remember that I am the one needing the variety. Thank you for your sweet giveaway."

Thank YOU Mama Ruck for playing along! So glad this will be enjoyed by a family :) Message me at with your address and this will be along its happy way :) Thanks to everyone else too for joining in on the fun! Can't wait to see what pops up this week for the drawing on Saturday..Good Luck!

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