Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blast 31 :: Coasting

I wish!
So busy, busy!
Moving and clearing and cleaning out the old digs (yes, still) with kiddos, a toddler and baby in tow? Need. I. Say. More.
So, the coasters? They're all I got. That's it. Like 'em?

Not so much, frankly.
I had a little duo coloring going on...the bobbin thread is a different color from the needle thread. Cute for other things but not so much for coasters. The color stands out a bit too drastically from the fabric....Another aspect that might be endearing for a quilt yet distracting for something as small as a coaster.
I think they may become the beginning of a quilt-as-you-go quilt. I do, however, like the sound of that ;) For now, they will be coasters, tucked away in case someone takes a liking to them. You maybe? Anyone? ;)
Okey doke, I am done with my coaster rant ;) Off to make a little love for a fall swap :) See ya tomorrow!


momto5 said...

they are great. you artists are so silly. lol

Kelly - said...

They are now living in the doll house as rugs and bedspreads so that worked out well! xo