Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blast 21 :: Mini bags for smallish people

This is sort of a cheat - see that bag there?

Just made it.

Now, it should be yesterday's bag but see, when you make a bag at say...11pm and leave it in a heap on the kitchen the morning...certain little girls (or a certain little girl as this case may or may not be...) might just come along....

and claim it.

then stuff it with things.

then insist on taking it with as you all rush out the door.

then leave it somewhere.

all before you get to take a picture.

hypothetically, of course.

But that's okay. I figure I am one step ahead for tomorrow, right?

Also, some little girls want so much to be like their big sisters.

And have mini purses. Even though they already have...say 20 of them, give or take. But, then again, so do their big sisters I guess that would be fitting.

Oh goodness, what am  I breeding here.... 

Note :: I totally love, love the One Hour Bag tutorial for a basic 'how to' on how to make a quick bag. We've used variations on this a bazillion times for all kinds of bags (okay, slight exaggeration...maybe.)
The fabric is Kokka El anche jouet...

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